Test Video 3 with sound effects

To make my video clip more interesting for the viewers I added sound effects to it.

This type of editing will bring lots of changes to our videos, people says adding sound effects will keeps you videos alive. the viewers will think that they are inside of the video when they hear sounds that matches with the clips.

I download few sound effects from http://www.soundbible.com “Rain Forest””Rain andThunder” and added them to my test video 3.


Test video 2

After editing my first test video, i decided to leave gaps between the words to make it easy to understand and keep viewers attention. This technique works very well on the viewers because they will wait to listen to next part of it and after finishing the video, then viewers will combine all the sentences and finds the meaning of it.

Test Video 1

This video is created for testing, it is the combination of different video shoots that I had during travelling to different destinations. The test video 2 will be little different from this because in this video clip the narration is fast.

I used Final Cut Pro X for editing my videos because I feel comfortable using this video editing software.