Video prototype

For my final year project prototype I created a video clip to show my creativity and makes it more interesting for my viewers. I watched a video clip on the Youtube website it called parallax 2.5d. I was so amazed with this technique, after watching the video clip I have decided to create a parallax video clip for my  project prototype.

It is very easy to create, to create this effect you only need to know the photoshop and Adobe after effects, I created my video clip with the help of photoshop and Final Cut pro X, it has animation but not like the videos that we see in youtube. to create those kind of video clips we have to use after effects.


My project prototype photographs

I prepared a series of photographs for my final year project prototype. In my photographs I am telling the story of an afghan boy, I am showing the problems and struggles that this boy had during travelling to Europe and after travelling when he start living in European country. I took these photos and edited them to fit my project idea.

light room



To experiment on my Photography project, Idea I have decided to tried different types of photo techniques to show my creativity. I took these photos in colour, and after editing it I converted them to black and white, because black and white colour is showing the past. My photographs are taken to fit in black and white formate.

For editing my photographs I am using Light room and adobe photoshop cs6. I shoot my photos in raw mode because on editing section, its very easy for me to change their contrast, sharpness etc.

These Images are all taken for the testing, some of these images are edited with Adobe light room 4 and the rest of them are in their original format.


sitting (1 of 1).jpg

parallax photography

what parallax photography is? parallax photography is the new way of giving photos motion and 3d effect with the help of photoshop and after effect softwares. What I really like about this effect is the camera angles and for my project this effect will fit, because my project is about the life of an immigrant. with this effect I can show the motions and face expressions.

Children of Immigrants

One of the best projects in photography but very sad. the story about each person is very sad for me, why people leaving their country when their is no war.They are going to different country alone, with no friends and family members to support them.


I think that where you are at the present is the most important, but at the same time it’s essential to not let go of where you’ve been. You should not have to let go of your roots to be a part of American society. — Avnee, 22, British- and Indian-American


I would like to say I feel comfortable calling myself an Argentinian, but every year when I return there I am reminded that I have missed huge cultural changes since I was 9, and as perfect as my Spanish may be, there are always tiny indicators to them that I am not one of them. — Alex Fiszbein, 19, Argentine-American

The Immigrants story

very interesting website, specially the video that they have.

The video is about the immigrants story, each immigrant talk about their problems that they had in their country and they also talk about their problems in new country . These people reminding me, when I was in completely different country with different language and culture.


Understand the art of photography

It is important for students to understand the art and concept of photography. It is not just about pointing and pressing a button; its a decision-making process. It is about capturing a moment, understanding the image being portrayed and the effects it conveys to the observer. Photography also helps kids look much more carefully at the world around them and helps them to better understand images, especially media, which they are bombarded with every day. This unit will introduce photography in three stages, first by introducing a brief history of photography, second, by focusing on the life and works of Lewis Hine and third, discussing the subject of immigration as a theme in photography and allowing students the opportunity to compare, contrast and photograph their communities.


very nicely written about the art and concept of photography, what it means and how we can improve our photography by hard working.


The 6 Secrets to a Successful Photo Project

2) Be passionate about the subject
“Pick a subject matter that you are passionate about,” he said. “That passion is going to really, really, really drive you out there to photograph.”

Bigelow, who has been working on his immigration project for 18-years, says that photo projects require a lot of energy and time.

“If you’re not passionate about it, you’re probably not going to get out the door and spend a lot of time working on it.”


3) Have a thorough understanding of the subject
Bigelow said that having a deep understanding of the subject can help you to allow the story to unfold and develop as you’re shooting. A person who doesn’t fully understand a subject may lack the confidence needed to “go with the flow.”

For example, when Bigelow ran up against some obstacles in the USA as a result of the border being shut down, he knew enough about the subject that such a shutdown would have consequences on the Mexican side of the border.

So he went to Tijuana, Mexico, and photographed in a crowded Catholic migrant shelter in order to tell the story.

“I think it was having that understanding of how the story continues to evolve, led me into the shelter and found a new avenue to explore and make more images that were telling of the difficulty in crossing the US/Mexico border.” “copied from”

This website is helping me a lot about my project because the weakness that i have is written here. But the story that I am going to explore in my photography project is my stories, and I am passionate about it, but the worst part is that I can not define well my project to my teachers.

Six real stories about the Immigrants


This website has six real stories of immigrants, Why they left there country? how they come here? and what they expect from the people of this country.

These stories are giving me some idea about my final year project because, my project is showing  hard times of my own life in Europe as an immigrant, thinking about my family, problem with the language, could not cook food for my self. Did not had any friends.