In this composition I have represented the story of immigrant families that lost their way in the jingles.

This shoe is left from a girl age around 7 years old. We never know she is alive or not, because in this dark jungle there is the possibility of wild animals. May be she lost her family and she start looking to her family members here and there.

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Homemade Dolly

From an old computer table I decided to create a dolly for my Dslr camera. It took my hours to think and place the components together to build a dolly. This dolly works very well on the smooth surface. Instead of connecting the tripod head I placed the tripod on the dolly to make it easy for top angle and bottom angle shots.

On two video clips of my project video I used my dolly it was my first time to use this peace of kit but the result is not bad.


Test Video 3 with sound effects

To make my video clip more interesting for the viewers I added sound effects to it.

This type of editing will bring lots of changes to our videos, people says adding sound effects will keeps you videos alive. the viewers will think that they are inside of the video when they hear sounds that matches with the clips.

I download few sound effects from “Rain Forest””Rain andThunder” and added them to my test video 3.

Test video 2

After editing my first test video, i decided to leave gaps between the words to make it easy to understand and keep viewers attention. This technique works very well on the viewers because they will wait to listen to next part of it and after finishing the video, then viewers will combine all the sentences and finds the meaning of it.

Test Video 1

This video is created for testing, it is the combination of different video shoots that I had during travelling to different destinations. The test video 2 will be little different from this because in this video clip the narration is fast.

I used Final Cut Pro X for editing my videos because I feel comfortable using this video editing software.

Photography 5

Again Donaghmede Beach, but in stormy day.

On Friday 01/04/2016 at 3:30pm I left home towards Donaghmede beach again. It was very rainy and windy day and I was looking for this kind of day. I took few plastic bags with my self to keep my cameras safe from rain, when I arrived there, there was only 2 cars on the car park, so I put plastic bags on the cameras and start shooting photos and videos.

On the photo section I got  very interesting images from the waves but on video section I put camera on the Tripod and put the camera bag on the bottom of the tripod where the hook is located to keep tripod steady, but because of the wind still my videos has little camera shake.



Photography 4

Home Back Garden Photos.

As I mentioned on my previous blog about the “jungle” where refugees stays days and nights with no food, no water and no place for sleeping so I decided to take some macro photos to show some details of the wild plants that they can be found in most of the jungles and a photo to show the struggle of these people also.

The yellow flower that lives and tries its best to keep itself alive inside of the heavy and hard concrete can be the good example of the refugees that some of them knows the danger on the way, that will face them but still they travel.

Photography 3

My 3rd destination was Donaghmede beach.

To show high waves of the sea I went to Donaghmede beach, it was sunny day but some thing went wrong with my camera, the back screen become completely white.

  • I followed him relentlessly until we arrived at the coastline. The sight of the powerful waves instilled within me fear and anxiety.

To cover this two sentences I went there but couldn’t took photos that I was looking for, after 3 hours came home with sad face.

Photography 2

Glendaloug, Wicklow Mountains.

Second destination for my project was Glendaloug, specially the Upper lake water fall, mountains cover with trees  to show high mountains and jungle on my photos, because on the story the the man says that we spend days inside of the jungle with no food. He says I was so scared in jungle because of the wild animals.

I arrived at 12pm and took photos and video till 6:30 pm and beside of photography I really enjoyed the place specially the incredible views.




Photography 1

For my project I have decided to take photos to link with the story. I  went to Baily light house in Howth to take some photos from there, because in our second year project we went there and the place is gorgeous for photography specially behind of the Baily light house is a place where we have to climb down fro 20 minutes. The waves are crashing to the stones they look so dramatic.

I went there with one idea “Teddy bear”, I took my daughters Teddy bear and put it inside of the water to tell the story of the people who lost their family members specially kids on the journey to Europe.

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