Areas to cover

In this post I wrote about the areas that i am going to cover during my project. As I mentioned on this document these two areas are the main structure of my project.

Areas to cover for my project

  • Castle-town, Dundalk


  • Athlone, Westmeath

In Dundalk I will try to show the border where immigrants coming from Northern Ireland. In this area I will take photos and will shoot video.

In Athlone I will go and interview few real immigrants and do a photo-shoot of their daily life and record video as well. I asked from one of the immigrant to ask from his roommates if they allow me to come and meet them in Atholne. On the 23rd of the February 2016 I got a call from him, he said that they accepted your idea and they are ready for the photo-shoot.

These two parts are the structure of my project when finishing photography and video shoot from these two places then I will work on the next part of it, the next part is polishing the both projects photos and video.



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