Areas to cover

In this post I wrote about the areas that i am going to cover during my project. As I mentioned on this document these two areas are the main structure of my project.

Areas to cover for my project

  • Castle-town, Dundalk


  • Athlone, Westmeath

In Dundalk I will try to show the border where immigrants coming from Northern Ireland. In this area I will take photos and will shoot video.

In Athlone I will go and interview few real immigrants and do a photo-shoot of their daily life and record video as well. I asked from one of the immigrant to ask from his roommates if they allow me to come and meet them in Atholne. On the 23rd of the February 2016 I got a call from him, he said that they accepted your idea and they are ready for the photo-shoot.

These two parts are the structure of my project when finishing photography and video shoot from these two places then I will work on the next part of it, the next part is polishing the both projects photos and video.



A short story for my project

This is a short story for my project, I really want to write the whole story but it will take at least 48 hours to be finish, because this story covers at least 7 years of the immigrant life.



In late 2005 an Afghan boy came to Ireland, he suffered very hard days and nights on the way from Iran to Turkey; he was walking 10 to 16 hours daily on the borders. His mission was to leave his country and go to the Europe because of the Taliban, every day several suicide bombers were attacking on our city and killing innocent people, people were staying in their homes. There were no jobs for the people because of the corruption; companies were hiring their own relative.

When he arrived to Ireland he was thinking that he is in paradise, because of the green trees and clean roads, people were very kind and humble. When he surrender himself to police they start talking with him very gently and asked him to wait for few minutes we have call somewhere.

They did not beat him or talk with him rudely, he was so surprised and thought with him self “oh these people are completely different, our police first beat us and then ask us, tell me about your self?”

After few days in Ireland he start missing his family and friends, every day and night he was praying to the God to keep my family safe. He had several more problems in Ireland such as language, food, culture etc.

He studied law in his country in Persian language, he ate fast food in his country but in Ireland he did not know about the toppings of the foods e.g. burger or hot dog.

He was so upset after few weeks that he decided to go back to his country, one night he starts remembering the struggles that he had on the borders, one morning he decided to start his struggle again and try to learn English first, he find a dictionary Persian to English and start reading it daily 6 hours. Whenever he was missing family he was going to the beach or parks were he could hear the voice of the birds. He was meeting lots of immigrants but they were not talking with him because the immigrants were from different countries.

Illegal immigrants

This video Clip is about an illegal immigrants from Mexico. The boy name is Omar him and his family move to America illegally and now they are struggling very hard to live their because of the no job. This video Clip is edited in Adobe After Effects, the cool part of this video is the combination of images and video clips that tells the story of a family.

I really like the After effects editing for my project, I got good idea from this video clip.

Children of Asian Immigrants Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

A video clip that shows Asian immigrants they tell their family stories. Short stories but very powerful, for my project I want to add voice overs of the immigrants, the voice overs will be the short stories of their families, friends and daily life. I will try not to show them on the video clip but they will be in my photographs.

Willie Doherty

Willie Doherty is an artist, he is from Derry Northern Ireland. His projects are very interesting because his projects are based on true stories. He does photography and video projects such as UNSEEN, GHOST and UNFINISHED.

While I was looking to his photography projects and videos I have decided to learn few of his videos and photographs technics and use it on my project because his projects are very simple but because of lots of researches and experience his photos and videos has good depth. His projects are keep viewers attention and sometimes while I was watching to his videos clips I was thinking that I am inside of the video.