Children of Immigrants

One of the best projects in photography but very sad. the story about each person is very sad for me, why people leaving their country when their is no war.They are going to different country alone, with no friends and family members to support them.


I think that where you are at the present is the most important, but at the same time it’s essential to not let go of where you’ve been. You should not have to let go of your roots to be a part of American society. — Avnee, 22, British- and Indian-American


I would like to say I feel comfortable calling myself an Argentinian, but every year when I return there I am reminded that I have missed huge cultural changes since I was 9, and as perfect as my Spanish may be, there are always tiny indicators to them that I am not one of them. — Alex Fiszbein, 19, Argentine-American


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