Dramatic Black And White Portraiture

Gary Fong shows step by step the easiest way to have a dramatic black and white portraits photos, this technique will help me a lot for my photography project because I have dramatic photos on my project category.


Balancing Flash with Low Ambient Light

In this video Gavin Hoey talks about the balancing of flash with low ambient light, he uses simple tricks that helps. He talks about the lens and flash, how to use them? why and where? he use the light meter because he tries to show the light of the flash on his photos, so he take underexpose photo and use the flash to create very soft light on model face.

The Best Example of Loneliness

I could not find the name of the photographer, this photo is shot in Afghanistan, it shows a sad person setting alone,  the painting tells a very strong story about the people of Afghanistan, the kid is holding a long stake with two water container on the both sides of the stake but some one draw hearts instead of the water containers o show love. Every person think different, when I looked to the photo I taught it shows a sad man and the painting tells him to be happy and gives the meaning of the friendship and love.

The actual photo story is to show addicted people of Afghanistan.


Tale out of School

A photo by Siddhartha Banerjee form Kolkata India.

This photo shows Isolation “Loneliness”, the story that shows a lonely young student that looks to his another class mates while they are playing with each other. He is standing alone because he does not have any friend in the school, I think even when his class mates are doing some thing funny he starts laughing with him self and enjoys even he is alone in the whole school.

This photo shows the culture and religion also because the young kid is warning a special hat, Muslim people wear these hats, specially when they go to the pray.


Hands of Time

Dolon Archi is a photographer and he captured the two hands of an old man in Bangladesh. The photo shows textures of an old man’s skin.

When I looked  to the photo I find out few things before reading about it. The clothes of this photo tells me that these hand are not from an old man it is from an old woman. Why? Because if we look to the subject’s nails very carefully we can see orange colour, orange or Red colour on the nails means in Asian countries that the woman had put Henna on her hands.


The photo is telling very clearly the story of an old man or woman in Bangladesh, to write about this photo will take hours of writing only because of the good composition.


Festival Night in Ubud

Gordon Grimwade is National geographic’s photographer and he shot some interesting photos in Indonesian island of bali.

This photo shows the religion and culture of the country even the photo is in black and white but still when we look at the photo we automatically start looking to the subject hands and face, beside of that the more special part is their cloths with different colours patterns. The photographer shows the branches of the tree and fire flame. When I look at the photo it tells me the story behind of the photo, Tree, Night time, fire, dance. The Dance is in their culture and religion like Indian people.


Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan is a photographer, he has uploaded 7 oh his projects on his website. The one that called LONE STAR shows the life of a cow boy with western clothes, I find lots of photographs on his website and some of them presenting isolation theme and shows loneliness, therefor I want to share it on my blog. The Photos shows the culture and life style of the western people. E.g. clothes, animals, factory, food, houses and playgrounds.


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 22.34.49

Zach Gold

Zack is the photographer that blend the subtle complexities of both camera and computer to produce photorealistic digital art.

His photos are confusing for me because I am not that professional to underestand his photos techniques, one thing that I really liked is his website layout that presents the photographs very well for their visitors on the home page.

My Idea is the same for my project to create a simple website to present my photographs.


About Zach Gold “texts are copied from Zach’s website Bio page”

Zach Gold was one of the first artists in the world to successfully blend the subtle complexities of both camera and computer to produce photorealistic digital art. Shortly after he began shooting he was selected by the New York Art Directors Club as one of the top 100 artists in New York City under 35 years old. Articles about his groundbreaking work have been featured in China Vogue, Harpers Bazaar Art, Vogue.com, French Photo and many others. About a recent fashion film Zach directed Vogue had this to say “The movie could be the beginning of a whole new genre of entertainment; fashion cinema”. Introducing him as “one of the leaders in creative image making,” Peter Jennings presented Zach with the International Center of Photography’s “Young Photographer of the Year”. Other award recipients that evening included Helmut Newton and Robert Frank. Zach’s work was then exhibited during New York’s annual fashion shows, where he was named “one of the ten photographers changing photography.”

Dave Hill portraits

Dave Hill is a commercial photographer and film maker, on his website he has lots of professional looking photos with different car models such as Fiat, chrysler-300, Honda and Jeep. He has a page called classic 2005-2010 the images are edited by photoshop or another photo editing software. The new idea that got from Dave Hill is the photo book that he has for sale, it includes 65 photographs of Dave Hill’s “Barstow”.

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Macro Photography

To show isolation in macro photography is interesting because the focus is only on a single subject, it is a little hard because of the special lens. I find lots of the articles and video clips about the macro photography, I thought why not show isolation in macro photography also. In some of websites we can find cheap reverse lens adapter that converts the normal lens to macro lens, I am so excited to buy on of those adapters for my camera and add some macro photographs in my project.

macro-photography1 macro2