Landscape photography tips

Tips to improve your landscape photography, very important tips of land scape photography and why these are important?

For portrait photography we can use dept of field to focus on our subject and defocus the background but for the landscape we can not use it because our audience should all the details of the photo.

1: Use narrow dept of field”keep everything in focus”

2: Using the tripod is must for landscape photography. First zoom lenses are heavy, to keep everything in focus we need narrow dept of field and low shutter speed on our camera to let the light go more inside of the lens and hit the sensor.

3: foreground is important.

4: Consider the sky.

5: Lines : Horizontal and vertical lines.

6: Show movement: To show the Clouds are moving bring down the shutter speed.

7: Work with the weather: Try to find something interesting e.g. Thunder, Rain drops, Storm etc.

8: Work with the Golden hours: Early morning sunrise and early evening sun set.

9: Using rule of thirds is important.

10: Change your point of view: try to use different angles to keep your audience engage with the photos.


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