Macro photography

Close up photography is called Macro photography and this technic is used to show details of the subjects that we can not see with our naked eyes. Macro word is taken from micro to show small subjects in bigger size frames, lots of photographers are using this style of photography for insects, jewellery, flowers and water drops it has connection with nature photography as will. I have visited several websites and videos that are very interesting and helpful  to learn.

These are few of the examples that I found on the photographers websites.

macro 3 macro1 macro2

Teresa Franco is a Macro photographer:

10431988_1485959021637103_1834630011_n 10448966_328847523931828_1762724841_n 10454105_262165410635597_1562495033_n 10471919_249031061953227_2054598690_n 10475024_255858387947508_755288351_n


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