Landscape photography tips

Tips to improve your landscape photography, very important tips of land scape photography and why these are important?

For portrait photography we can use dept of field to focus on our subject and defocus the background but for the landscape we can not use it because our audience should all the details of the photo.

1: Use narrow dept of field”keep everything in focus”

2: Using the tripod is must for landscape photography. First zoom lenses are heavy, to keep everything in focus we need narrow dept of field and low shutter speed on our camera to let the light go more inside of the lens and hit the sensor.

3: foreground is important.

4: Consider the sky.

5: Lines : Horizontal and vertical lines.

6: Show movement: To show the Clouds are moving bring down the shutter speed.

7: Work with the weather: Try to find something interesting e.g. Thunder, Rain drops, Storm etc.

8: Work with the Golden hours: Early morning sunrise and early evening sun set.

9: Using rule of thirds is important.

10: Change your point of view: try to use different angles to keep your audience engage with the photos.


Harold Davis

Harold Davis is a painter and photographer, he really like to do photography at night time and show his creativity by taking long exposers photos.
All his night photographies shows the moving starts and I think he actually want to show us the movement of the earth, he opens his camera shutter for at least 25 to 40 min.

Loneliness story behind of the photographs

I find lots of photographs that shows loneliness, but this website has more then 200 photos that were taken specially to tell the story of  lonely people.

These photographs are all well composed by photographers therefore if we look at the images we find the story behind of them very easily. My project theme is about Isolation and tells the story of a lonely person, from these images i got lots of idea for my project specially the composition and lighting.

These researches are helping me a lot for my project, Specially when I do research about specific theme or genre.

Dynamic Range & Stops

Trey talks about dynamic rang and tells what f stops do we need to get sharp photos, the reason for watching this video clip is that on the background of the actual video we can see the example of the HDR and F stops while Trey is talking. Very easy to learn about HDR photography and improving our mistakes e.g. on the dark part of our photos we can see always noise, how to improve it?.

Landscape Photographs with Michael Melford

Michael Melford was born in NewYork on 1950, he was working as a photographer for a magazine after that he  joined in National Geographic.He is a landscape photographer and this video clip that i am posting is about landscape photography tips and tricks.

The video clip is around 50 minutes, I have learn a lot about another photographers that were born in 1920’s they were landscape photographers and the camera angles and compositions that were used by them are amazing and very creative with film cameras.

How to photograph a car

This Video was uploaded by on the youtube and it is worth to watch because a photographer is taking the photos of the SLS AMG car inside of a hall, the photographer is giving very good examples of the photo technics, he talks about the lenses, how to use them and why? for the logo of the car he use the macro lens to show the details and for the rest of the parts he use wide angle to cover the parts that he need to show in his photos.

This photography video clip gives me and idea about product photography, What places of the product we have to show and why they are important.

How to tell a story through photographs

Telling story behind of the photos are hard because it need a good composition and camera angles.
We can use video shoot technics for the photography because for both of them we have to use cameras, and the technical parts are the same camera lens, tripod and light. but in video telling story is not too hard because we have to write story and draw storyboard and inside of the storyboard we have to draw the camera and subject movement by using arrows.
To tell story behind of the images we have to write a short sentence about the photograph, to give a little bit idea for the visitors to find the story and keep them engage with the photo.
This video will give us a good idea about telling story behind of the photograph.

Blurry Pictures What Causes Them and How to Get Sharp Photos!

Chelsea and Tony are photographers but Chelsea is a model also this video clip shows how to take sharp photos, Chelsea talks about the focal length and shutter speed while using camera with out tripod and Tony takes photos and tells us where to focus and why?
If your subject is far from you how to take photo or if your subject is near where to focus and take a photo. This video is short but shows very good technics of photography that we all make mistakes while taking photos.

Trey Ratcliff – Discover the Art of Photography

Trey is a professional photographer and he is famous for HDR photography technic. I found his video clip on the youtube about art of photography. He is sharing his ideas about his photography and tells us about his mistakes while he was taking photos on his first days of photography, I found his video very interesting the way he use the Aperture mode on his camera and takes the photo. But I could not understand how he is using Aperture mode for HDR photography with raw files, I think it looks very hard because if we take photos in Raw mode we have plenty of option while putting our photos in editing then we do not need HDR.

For the beginners using raw file are very important. Raw files are for the beginners and jpg files are for the professional photographers, they know how to use the camera.

story behind the photos loneliness

Today I have been told to search more and concentrate about your theme Isolation, do not think about what type of photography you are doing. I find a very beautiful blog posts that shows 100 photos expressing loneliness. These photos are the one that gives more courage to do my project about creative photography, very nicely composed images in creative way.

These searches are very useful for all of us because when I was thinking about creative photography on the first days I was completely confuse but know I am think that slowly I am finding my way on the truck.98 silence_by_donjuki