Possible areas of work

I really want to become a professional graphic designer and photographer, I am good in drawing and photography there for I want to learn more and get more experience with these two subjects, From childhood I was enjoying drawing and lots of my friends and family members likes my art works and photographs. After finishing my 4th year I will try my best to find a job as a photographer or graphic designer if I couldn’t find a job I will work as a self employ “web designer, graphic designer and photographer”.

In our 4th year project I am sure that all of us will learn and will get more experience the areas that we want to work.

My 4th year project will be about photography or graphic Design Company”Digital Marketing” WHY I want my project on photography? Because it is different from others projects, this project will have a website, Social media, video add, poster and business card.

These types of photography will be involves with my project.

1: Creative photographs

2: Stock photographs

3: Nature photographs

4: Black and white photographs

5: HDR photographs

6: Time laps photographs

7: Macro photographs

8: High speed photographs

Why I want my project on graphic designing?marwa copy

Because I have good experience with drawing, my project drawings will be digital, I will draw the famous Hollywood, Bollywood celebrities and will design different types of logos also

I will create a website and will sell there sketches online.

1: Hollywood celebrities sketches”Male and Female”

2: Bollywood Celebrities sketches “Male and Female”

3: Exotic cars sketches

4: Video game characters sketches

5: Logos” alphabetical logos starts from A and finishes on Z”

6: Brand mark

7: Combination mark

8: Word mark

These are my ideas for my 4th year project and my future job. I feel comfortable to work in these companies or as a self-employ. I believe this project will help me a lot with my portfolio also.


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