My strengths, Weakness and skills.

I am a very good graphic designer and photographer, beside of graphic design and photography I am also good in web design, video and audio editing. I am a good communicator and hard worker.

My skills leading towards the graphic design and photography area that I want to work, because when I was a kid I was always trying to draw airplanes, dragons, butterfly from different angles. In the past 3 years from my college experience I have learned more about photography and graphic design principles.

Photography is my passion whenever I am free I take my camera and start taking photos from flowers, birds etc.

My skills will leads towards and area that I want to work? Yes, because I am not learned only one module in Creative digital media course.

I can work as a web designer, photographer, video editor, sound editor or graphic designer. Even I can open my own company as a self-employer.

In these days nearly 70% web designers are building web sites for the companies with Word-Press or Wix, because they do not need lots of codes is the good example of it, you can create a nice website with out any codes its all drag and drop.

I do not like some of the software’s that need to use codes to create application.

I am good and comfortable using HTML and CSS code, but I really struggle when I start using Java Script and C sharp codes. I tried my best to learn these codes but still I feel that I am not ready for them to use.

My biggest weakness is the time management, I am a married man and have three daughters and two of them are in school ”senior infant and first class” early at morning my wife goes to work, I have to wake up and ready my two daughters and take them to school at 9:00 am and I should take my 3rd daughter “9 months old” to my mother in-laws house.


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