Lots of little ideas

  1. Video about Syrian refugees
  2. Photography
  3. Web site about up coming movies
  4. Music video
  5. Interview with celebrity
  6. Models photo-shoot
  7. Digital marketing
  8. Comic book
  9. Remix audio album “4 songs”
  10. App developer
  11. Animation video
  12. Game developer
  13. E-Learning
  14. A visual story book
  15. Series of tutorial video clips how to use Photoshop
  16. 3d modeling
  17. Illustrating celebrities
  18. Documentary video about historical places of Dublin
  19. Series of Time laps video from football matches
  20. Map “create a map of Dublin center with all land marks ”

Photography, digital marketing, illustrating celebrities

I choose these three projects. These are the one that I really like and feel comfortable to work with, because I have a little more experience and have plan with these projects to keep them creative “different from another projects”.

For me they look interesting and fun to work with, I am sure these project will help me to get more experience for my upcoming career.


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