Research about creative photography

This video gives me more great ideas how to use camera angles and how to use lights to create creative photos, I am so glad to find this video about creative photography and I am sure after watching this video I will grab my camera and start taking photos.

very simple but creative techniques.


Car stereo boombox

boom1 boom2 boom3

This company makes boomboxes from old suitcases and sell them above $500 each. their website is looking professional and they have some intro video clips also.

My idea is to make a boombox from a car stereo under 100 euro. I will create series of tutorial videos about how to make a boombox from your old car stereo. On the internet I have found lots of videos about making a boombox but the videos are not clear enough to give courage to the people to make. The most important part of this idea is the electric wiring and cutting the speakers holes.


Hyperlaps photography

Hyperlaps photography is a unique type of photography, it is a series of photos that create motion and use for the video clips. Same like a flip book, it is a time consuming project and also not easy and not hard. It needs a camera, camera tripod or monopod. you should be also good on mathematics  because after each image you have to move your camera and tripod inch by inch to give smooth motion to your photos. Stop motion and hyperlaps photography are the same with a little bit difference and that is camera angles movement.

If I cancel my another ideas may be I will go with this project it is creative and good for my portfolio.

Flip book

My another idea is about creating a flip book to tell a story. I could not find any website about flip book or a company to create flip books, I only find websites which sale the software to create a flip book digitally.

This project will be interesting and creative but need lots of passion and time, because in each page we have to draw the same character with different looks and movements.  The easy way of this project idea will be to create digital flip book with series of photos it will not as creative as traditional type but it will be easy to create”stop motion” E.g.

flip book2 flip book3 flipbook-1

Graphic and web design

From last three years I have been learning web design and I am familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a professional website beside of the web design I am good in creating logos, Illustration and branding.

For my project I am thinking to combine web design and graphics. I am researching about graphic and web design everyday how to make it different from another websites and how can I take benefit after finishing my project.

This project can help me to get job in a graphic and web design company.

What I dislike about this project is using codes.

dutipogy logos for website website-digital-mash

What I have learned “Research”

The best way before starting your project is to first research about it. I have two projects ideas and now with research a lot I have come with a new idea to combine my two projects and create one. I think with this idea I can have more dramatic photos.

Why we have to research a lot?

Because researches and having more then one idea can help you a lot on your project because you need a backup idea. E.g. if you change your mind on your college project you should have another idea to start with.

website link:

1 2 3


I have two ideas about my project my first idea is about creative photography, the top link has more then 14 ideas how to make more money as a photographer, it gives a good idea for the future if some one want to work as a photographer and want to make money. I have chose the creative photography project because it looks different from another projects.

article-0-12A627DB000005DC-631_964x629 fddgfgf what-are-creative-people-like

from these images I am getting some ideas about my project as a creative photographer.

but still I have lots of question 😦

what lenses do I need?

which softwares will help me to create these kind of images?

Will my images look professional?

How this project will help my future needs/wants

My needs in this project are to get more experience and to improve my camera and drawing techniques. For my future needs I have to think about my business website, how to create it? How many pages my website should have? And how to get clients through my website?

While finishing my college I want to have my own business and use my project techniques to be a professional photographer or graphic designer. I am sure while working on this project I will have lots of mistakes but it will improve my future to do not make those mistakes again.



Title: S.A photography


marwa copy

Why this project attract me to work in a similar space?

This project is my first choice to make a mistake and improve it back to learn more about it. Because it is interesting project and beside of this I can find a job or I can start my own business by using this project techniques when I finish my college. I am sure this project will help me a lot to improve my self and think about my future to become a professional photographer and graphic designer beside of them the photography technique can also help me to work as a camera man in film industries because both has the same techniques.