During the final year project I decided to create a PhotoBook. The photoBook contains 30 photographs and 20 pages excluding the back and cover page.

I went to several shops to print my photoBook but they gave me the 2 week for the print.

spend 3 days in Dublin city but could not find any shop to print my photoBook in 3 days.

I decided to design the Book in Adobe Photoshop Elements, its very easy and powerful software for creating photoBooks, slide shows or posters with lots of effects etc. After creating it I emailed it to one of print shops in Dublin 15 “Printednow. The owner of the shop “Mark” printed in soft cover but in very professional way.

Click on the link to view the PhotoBook



Project Book

For our final year project we were asked to create a project book. The project book should allow the readers to completely understand what your project is about and what you did during your project.

My project book contains my project statement, project introduction, key influences,What did I learned and what I did during the project,  Extra work and conclusion.

My A3 landscape project book:

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Home made slide and stabilizer



To add more creativity to the video clip, I built a slider. The slider was built from two drawer rollers; they were placed equally on a piece of wood and a few screws were used to keep them in the place. Few video clips were captured successfully using this homemade slider.

Video Stabilizer:

As all equipment have some limitation to an extent, I built a video stabilizer. This was done using two metal pipes and 2.3 Kg weights suspended from the pipes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.47.49

Photo for the poster and photobook

For my poster and Photobook cover I needed a dramatic photograph. I tried few different techniques but did n’t worked will for the poster.

After thinking how to create a strong and dramatic photo I decided to use photoshop.

I took two photos of a same person, in one photo I asked him to look at the lens of the camera in second photo I asked him to put his both hands on his face with out moving his head.

Normal Photos

Edited photos

Final result: This photo is created with the help of photoshop. I import both photos in photoshop and add layer mask on the top photo and with the brush tool on the layer mask.

two hands on face final


To show an afghan boy face and to cover my project photo first scene where Qaasim is in his country and always think about a better life. I asked my friends about the Afghan clothes and hats. I find one and this clothes are very famous among Afghan young boys. The hat is completely hand made and each of these hats take approximately 2weeks to be build.

To show qassim face expressions while thinking, I asked  my friend to look at the lens of the camera. These kind of the photos are very good for telling the stories.

qahir1234 (1 of 1)

Separating hands

The story behind the separating hands composition is to represent the struggles that families faces during their journey to different countries. As Qassim said on his interview that lots of families lost their children in the jungles and they could n’t find them again.

To show this part of the story I have decided to take photograph of the two separating hands. These photos was shot in colour but later I change them to black and white. In colour version these photos doesn’t tell the story very well.


Low key photography

To show face expressions, I have decided to take few low key photos for my project.

I never did Low key photography before and I did not know how to take this kind of photographs, because these photos need a wireless flash trigger that I did not had. So I tried with the on camera flash pop up. I put the shutter speed to 1/160 sec and put the aperture to f16. To trigger the wireless speed light I put a piece of card board in front of the camera flash to keep light away from my subject face.

qahir (1 of 1)



In this composition I have represented the story of immigrant families that lost their way in the jingles.

This shoe is left from a girl age around 7 years old. We never know she is alive or not, because in this dark jungle there is the possibility of wild animals. May be she lost her family and she start looking to her family members here and there.

shoe (1 of 1)

Homemade Dolly

From an old computer table I decided to create a dolly for my Dslr camera. It took my hours to think and place the components together to build a dolly. This dolly works very well on the smooth surface. Instead of connecting the tripod head I placed the tripod on the dolly to make it easy for top angle and bottom angle shots.

On two video clips of my project video I used my dolly it was my first time to use this peace of kit but the result is not bad.